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The Unique 24 in. Classic Plus range delivers modern design and performance at an affordable price. Convection cooking circulates heat for incredibly even distribution while the waist high broiler provides the option of intense searing. Cast-iron grates, sealed burners, automatic electric spark ignition and a compartment for extra storage for your pots and pans, all packed into a 24 in. range, make cooking and cleaning effortless. All the benefits of gas cooking, for compact kitchens.



  • Convection oven with waist-high broiler. Modern design, high-quality, sealed burners for easy cleanup
  • Continuous cast-iron grate design. Convection cooking. Automatic electric spark ignition
  • Oven light, practical storage drawer for pots and pans. 2 adjustable heavy-duty oven racks with 4 shelf positions
  • Front right: 11,000 - Front left: 10,000
  • Rear right: 3,200 - Rear left: 10,000


Model: UGP-24H CC1 B

Unique Classic Plus 24-inch 2.9 cu. ft. Gas Convection Range Sealed Burn


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