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The Samsung 24 in. laundry is the perfect mixture of both size, style and function. At only 24 in. wide, this washer will fit in the tightest quarters. In addition, you'll be able to choose from eight cycle settings. Options include a steam wash cycle that gets stains out without the need of a pre-treater, and a sanitize/allergen cycle that removes 99% of bacteria and eliminates common allergens from your clothes.



  • The 2.2 cu. ft. offers large capacity for a 24 in. washer
  • The Diamond Drum Design will extend the life of clothing by treating fabrics gently during wash cycles
  • Steam wash uses a powerful steam that helps to remove stains, reducing the need for pre-treatment
  • A Direct Drive Motor works without belts or gears, making the washer quieter and more durable
  • ENERGY STAR 2016 CERTIFIED meeting strict energy-consumption requirement
  • VRT - Vibration Reduction Technology helps reduce vibration and keep noise to a minimum
  • The Super Speed Cycle will wash a full load in 36 minutes
  • Smart Care Technology allows you to skip customer service and troubleshoot issues straight from select smartphones. Smart Care interacts with your washer and dryer to perform an immediate diagnosis and offer quick solutions
  • The Self Clean option keeps your washer drum fresh and odor-free
  • The 1400 RPM Maximum Spin Speed will get more laundry done faster by reducing drying time
  • An Internal Water Heater will increase water temperature and help remove tough stains
  • 8 Options make it easy to add the best option to your Wash Cycle to get more out of each load
  • The Garment Plus is an icon that will light up letting you know when it is safe to add clothes to the load
  • Stackable design provides all-in-one vertical look maximizing floor space
  • Washer requires use of only high-efficiency detergent, typically two tablespoons per load

Samsung 24-inch 2.2 DOE cu. ft. High Efficiency Front Load Washer

SKU: WW22K6800AW

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